Hygge, the Danish Art of ‘Cosiness’

 thAt the weekend I stopped trawling the internet, put on very low lighting, listened to calming piano music alongside a crackling fireplace and talked with my friend about deeper things in life (and some light things), and felt the fresh, autumnal wind in the air as the door was slightly ajar.  We had a nice cosy snack in the darkness too.

Every so often we all need a recharge of quiet and cosiness, in our crazy, rushed life. The Danish art of Hygge (pronounced hoo-gar) the art of cosiness, informal socialising, sharing and wellbeing  is particularly nice after a day at work. There is no English equivalent to the word.ey c

Having Viking origins this comes quite naturally to me, and I love the simplicity of it all. Autumn is a perfect time for hygge as nights draw in.  I will be looking for scented candles, picking  flowers , crafting,  making hot rosehip cordials and reading aloud short stories to fill my time for those quiet moments.


 PHOTOLazy Sundays – ‘Britishstyle’ Hygge’ at Hej Coffee, Bermondsey

More information:

The Little Book of Hygge:


The Danes also like to have a Happy Workplace – they have word called ‘Arbejdsglaede’ (pronounded Arbeits-Glay-der). Again, there is no English equivalent.





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