Stylish Pony Tail holders


I came across these gorgeous pony tail holders from Pinzhi, which I bought for just over £2 from Amazon. They are really good value for a stylish twist to a boring pony tail.

It is great for women low on time and gives a little interest and texture to a very simple hair style. I hope to wear them for casual, work, evening wear and special occasions so they are really versatile. I would best recommend that they are worn in good weather. I haven’t seen any of these on the High Street, so they have the added benefit that ‘not everyone is wearing them’.

I bought these myself and haven’t been given any freebies. I am very keen on hair accessories as they can often jazz up your outfits, particularly if you have minimalist wardrobe like mine.  I have quite fine hair so I had to ruffle up my pony tail a bit.

The pink one doesn’t quite go with my hair colour, so I am giving it away to a friend who has blonde hair for Christmas.


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