Sheer Relief of being a Childfree Woman!

Female politicians are constantly scrutinised if they do not  have children, and now we have Nicola Sturgeon going on about her miscarriage.

Politicians always seem to pandering to the ‘woman who is a mother’ voter, ignoring childfree women who make many contributions to their society.

Well, there are  a lot of British women, like myself, who do not want children, and here are some reasons why it is a relief not to have them and be happy and less stressed without them.

  1. I am not maternal
  2. Women still die from childbirth or get injured
  3. It is a very expensive
  4. It is a huge responsibility
  5. It is bad for the planet
  6. I am a busy person and children would affect my time
  7. I want to focus on other things, like volunteering etc.
  8. I don’t want any of my children to be drug addicts, murderers, drink drivers, rapists, thieves etc
  9. They encourage a consumerism,which creates waste
  10. I don’t like children and have no interest
  11. Children can be bullies
  12. Chlldren, bring more stress
  13. Children can attack you, in some circumstances, they have even killed their parents
  14. I don’t want to spend my time shopping for school stuff pr after school activities
  15. I don’t want to have holidays only at certain times of the year
  16. I don’t want to buy a people carrier
  17. I don’t want to be tied down
  18. I don’t want to listen to mothers at the school gates and talk about kids
  19. I find kid stuff really  boring
  20. I don’t want schools tell me what I can and I can’t do
  21. I don’t want to be a single parent, and be dumped by the father
  22. I don’t want a custody battle
  23. I don’t want household arguments
  24. They don’t make me happy

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