Citizen Journalism Project:Workplace Bullying Survey

I will be publishing the results of this Survey in about a year’s time on my blog. I am really interested to hear from people, what happened to them and to hear tips from those who have succeeded in their case (or cases).

Having been through this myself, and in  cases where I have brought the matter up (although was difficult), I have won them (in various ways) and even had an apology from of the bullies , I can share my own tips via the Survey too. It is really difficult, but with the right support and help, you can beat the Workplace Bully.   Some of the stuff I went through, it was so crazy, you wouldn’t believe it, but it is amazing what people will do when the  boss is away and colleagues are bored and haven’t been given enough work to do.  Other than the violence, I have been through everything!

If you would like to complete the Survey, please fill it in here:

For all of us who have been through all this, I highly recommend The Workplace Bullying Institute on Youtube. Brilliant organisation, they really know how to tackle them.


Update: January 2017 Several good responses so far and some useful tips. Some shocking results. Thanks for providing with me details so far.



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