Firstly, it was horrific to hear the news of the stabbing in Russell Square.  There are media reports that the woman in her sixties was an American. It was also revealed in a statement today that those injured in the frenzied stabbings are Australian, American, Israeli and British.

The Police apparently prevented more ‘copycat’ attacks. I send thoughts to the families and hope that those who are injured do get better. It is also horrible for the police, as such things can affect them too. The man who attacked the people was Norwegian of Somali origin.

I would also say that not all people with Mental Health issues do want to go on a stabbing spree, or even carry knives and guns.  Some are squeamish too. I am one of these people who would probably get the neighbour in to remove a dead mouse the cat brought in or even get the Council especially out at a significant cost, or move.

Most of us want to go round doing ordinary everyday things, and have a peaceful life. After all, when you have been through ‘sh*t’ the last thing you need is even more ‘sh*t’.

One person on social media  said most people with Mental Health issues would rather eat jammy dodgers and play snap.

Knife crime is a rife in the capital with the younger males who seem to carry knives for all sorts of reasons.  With the amount of young people dying on the streets, I can understand that they have to protect themselves.  It is a difficult situation but carrying a knife is still wrong, and there are a lot of young men who carry knives, plan to use them and do not have mental health issues.

Living in the wilds of Kent, we don’t get knife crime so much as lo, maybe occasionally some rich property owner gets attacked with knives and guns and robbed. We get lots and lots of burglaries and shed crime and aggressive pub and club fights.  One person on Twitter from Norfolk said it used to be very quiet in her part of the countryside a few years ago, but now there seems to be a murder every week.

I think we need more Stop and Searches. I have never seen this happen in the all the time I have been in London. Obviously they do do it, but I have just never witnessed. it. We also need more Knife amnesties and ‘knife boxes’. You only see a few around.  With all the police cuts, prevention of this kind of violence is getting a lot more difficult. The public need to help and play their part, and run away if they can, get out of the area, even wear more comfortable shoes. It is all about survival nowadays.

I tipped out my handbag to show what would be found in a Stop and Search if the police stopped me.  Don’t panic about the camel, my friend gave me that on a short romantic getaway with her husband in Morocco.





Russell Square Stabbing: Mental Health a ‘significant’ factor

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