#Bikestormz London – response from Met Police Total Policing

I have received an excellent communication from the Met police after the event. They said they could only apologise for the ‘appalling behaviour of the cyclists’ and that there was mass disruption not only in Southwark but in other areas within London. They sent out police units where they could and intelligence was gathered, just like at football events. They went further to say that they certainly do not condone this behaviour.++++ With the police on my side about #bikeathon, I rest my place.

I don’t think Hooligan cyclists should take pride of place on London’s Streets.  Anyone who sees a Crime being made should contact Police on 101 or Crimestoppers  and help with intelligence.  Many of us lawabiding  cyclists  and pedestrians were being driven off the road by these selfish and rude mostly male cyclists.


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