2 thoughts on “#Bikestorm

  1. Great troll! From what I saw a wondrous sight the joy and that fact it was nothing like the curmudgeonly and confrontational critical mass rides. Thousands flowing through the traffic like the monthly line skater mass tour of central London. We need to bottle that enthusiasm

    OK a few did not quite know how to handle this did you try to get in their way to tell them to ride properly – with that many – how? like the thertre bos who tried to get the audience at a tock concert to sit in the seats allocated on their tickets? Not a clever idea – go with the flow!

    • I am all for fun, no problem there. But why couldn’t they close the roads, warn people they were coming? What is wrong with manners on the road or is London going to be a place for yobs to cycle, and not for people who want to cycle responsibilty. It was very poorly managed. There is a big elephant in the room when people who cycle properly are being ‘attacked’, and who are campaigners for safety rather than those who are setting cycling safety back, by being anti social. Fun shouldn’t be anti social. Why were there barely any women on this, having ‘fun’ too? Surely fun should be for them too.

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