Disgusting feral behaviour by Labour MPs

Though I am not a Labour Party supporter, I think the bullying of the quiet, introvert, Corbyn is wrong.

These MPs are a disgrace.  They have made such a scene, this will never be forgotten in political history.  Corbyn got voted for leader, and that is it.

People who are leaving should set up their own party. There are clear divisions within The Labour Party and it is time for the Labour Party to be divided up and peace will reign. There is no point having a party that doesn’t stick together, how can they can run a Government?

At the end of the day, Corbyn, like all of us is human and we all need some respect. Mobbing and bullying is just something that in a workplace, would be considered a sackable office and this is something unions support.

Some of the bullying borders on harrassment and is a Criminal Offence.

All this fighting in British politics gives politics a bad name.


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