Facing the Music after the Millwall fracas

Millwall supporters had  to face being accosted by their colleagues, who supported other teams at their workplaces, after the match. 

It was virtually impossible  for them to ‘lie low’ this week, unless they took sick leave or went on long holiday to the other side of the planet. (Prince Andrew also manages to do something similar when he gets up to all sorts of misdemeanors).

One Millwall fan, a charity worker  from Bermondsey, was grabbed by a woman colleague who’s husband supported Barnsley, and went to Wembley on the Sunday with his small son. She said her husband was appalled at fans’ behaviour outside the stadium and was very concerned for the safety of his son as they were being  so obnoxious. The Millwall fan made it it clear that, though a minority of fans did behave like stupid twats, he certainly did not condone their behaviour.

Naturally, I also was approached by a guy, early on Wednesday, who supported another team and went to a match the very next day at Wembley. He said,  “Oh, this happens at all clubs, a lot of the problem is fans having too much to drink’, though Millwall seems to be worse than others”.

I asked him how the Bank Holiday match went,  he said , “it was quiet, and his team won”.

Unfortunately, the behaviour at Millwall, and in Bermondsey too, won’t be something people will forget for a long time.



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