Rogue Millwall ‘fans’ wreck Bermondsey

by Beaulieu, London Citizen Journalist, Unreported News


Groups of drunk Millwall fans returned to Bermondsey from the Millwall v Barnsley Play-off  at Wembley Stadium yesterday evening.

Some males, aged about twenty-something, came out from Bermondsey Tube Station and started urinating on residents’ houses nearby. (Basic personal hygiene completely went of the window as obviously no loo paper was being used either ).  Other anti-social  Millwall fans left trails of sticky gray vomit on nearby streets. They showed little respect to their hometown, the home of The Den, their Club. Staff working for Transport for London got involved, including the British Transport Police.

Problems did not just occur at Wembley Stadium but elsewhere on the tube network too, when other  football fans reported on Twitter that some aggressive alcohol-fuelled Millwall supporters were chucking beer cans at women on the tube.

The majority of Millwall fans were absolutely fine. Some fans were so embarrassed by the drunk fans’  anti social behaviour they reported them to the police.

Once again it is the minority of supporters that spoil it for everyone else and going so far as wrecking their home town, these ‘fans’ are an embarrassment to Bermondsey too.


Millwall FC released a short statement:


ABOVE: Note written on Play-Off Final Flag 2016




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