Protesters turned up at Downing Street today calling for the Prime Minister to resign. Most of the people there seemed to be  ordinary members of the public, rather than a bunch of politicians,  many of them having  personal stories as to why they were there, and the recent video that Cameron had showing that ‘he was not in it together’, added fuel to the fire. Large crowds shouted “Resign!, Resign!, Resign!”.  Iceland’s Prime Minister toppled a few days ago, after a huge protest.

The protest had a tropical theme, many people wore garlands, Panama hats and Hawaiian shirts, some brought large beach balls.



One man,  a Green Party supporter, said “vulnerable people experienced such massive cuts in support.  It’s galling to find that the Prime Minster has benefited from offshore tax avoid schemes and has blocked EU moves to regulate offshore funds. That unpaid tax could have helped fund much needed services”.




PHOTO: Cardboard ‘moving’ boxes with a “I will help you pack! placard

I also met a man, a media student, who said that one of his friends actually managed Cameron’s Panama account. Although he was aware of this five years ago, he didn’t think much of it at the time.

Another man from who was in a wheelchair was extremely angry, “Mind my language”, and he said  he was facing huge cuts under Cameron, and huge pressure from ATOS despite him going blind and becoming more severely disabled with his arthritis. He was one of the many disabled people who barricaded himself in Parliament a few weeks ago.


People here clearly had no confidence in the Prime Minister and protesters from all round the country will be continuing to protest outside Downing Street as long as it takes.

There will be a Panama Carnival on 10th April, at Trafalgar Square at 2.30 pm.


London: 9/4/16 Protesters call for Cameron to Resign #panamapapers

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