Thoughts? Child Abuse – We need better preventative measures


Ah, this is a controversial topic,  but it has to be said. It is not something that is talked about in mainstream media.

As years go by and you read so many articles  in the news, it appears that this issue is  a world problem. The police have received huge calls about sexual assaults and child abuse over the last few years. It seems to be ‘getting worse’, but is it? Has it been there all the time? Of course it has. It has been like since since time began.

Abusers must have some kind of disorder or sexual orientation.  For example, people cannot help what orientation they are and what level of attraction gets handed down to them, but people can try to ‘manage’ things. For some people they are lucky, it is moderate and controllable. From a biological front, you wonder if animals do the same, after all, you also get ‘gay’ sheep.

I read the article today about an ex headmaster ( and how his interest in children was fueled by being at close proximity to young children, which, I suppose he ‘manufactured’. If someone has a condition or an orientation like that, and it is quite strong so much so that he would act on his impulses, it is inevitable that he could do harm to children. Secondary schools are well aware that many school teachers have been ‘quietly  removed’ from them, after ‘problems’. For some, it is hard to control.

What perhaps they need is help and support, rather like an alcohol anonymous group or one-to-one help to manage the situation, because, I think once they have this, they will always have it. At the very least, they can help themselves by avoiding places where they would possibly act on their thoughts. The ones that do not do this, are the ones that are not managing their behaviour properly, they are out-of-control.

People  who have this condition need to be able to seek help, without stigma. I’d rather they would get help, so that they can manage their lives away from ‘this temptation’. Unfortunately it may mean that parents would have to be kept away from their children if they  have this condition, or be supervised. Doctors need to give them help too. People shouldn’t be afraid to seek help, but they are.

Even in the article above, there was a helpline for those that have experienced sexual abuse but nothing for people who have an attraction to children, after all, they know they have it, so they need something to help them. It cannot be easy if they have this condition. Society has to work round the fact that there are people like that. They do have to be kept away from children in some way, after all, a lot of them seem to have no control. I think it is quite sad, and awful, that those with such a condition will often act on it, risk murdering them even, but it appears, that someone people cannot control themselves at all. Preventative damage limitation is essential.

Those with problem sexual issues, to start with, can get help from the Sexual Advice Association, (



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